Are you a visionary business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply someone ready to reshape your financial destiny? Prepare to be inspired!

Meet Malcolm Reid, a seasoned business coach and trailblazing software developer who has traversed the treacherous path of failure and emerged stronger. Raised in the humble streets of Baltimore, Malcolm mastered the art of thriving with meager resources. His journey is a testament to unwavering determination, persistence, and the relentless pursuit of excellence in the face of insurmountable odds.

Life, for Malcolm, has been an unyielding teacher, imparting invaluable lessons through adversities such as poverty, incarceration, and profound personal loss. Yet, he has never wavered, guided by an unshakeable faith and an indomitable spirit.

In our fast-paced world, we often forget the profound passion that fuels the hearts of business owners. Malcolm’s brainchild, ProGlobal, was born from a desire to empower courageous entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to craft the life they truly desire through the art of business.

ProGlobal has evolved from a modest ’boutique coaching business’ in 2013 into a transformative force. Malcolm’s journey took a poignant turn when, four years ago, a tragic accident claimed the life of his entrepreneurial son, who fervently shared his business wisdom with the world. In honor of his son’s legacy, Malcolm resolved not to hoard his knowledge but to share it with fellow business coaches, catalyzing exponential impact. His mission is clear: to equip business owners with the resources, support, and community they need to thrive and achieve their dreams, transcending their roles as entrepreneurs to become better individuals and contribute to a better society.

ProGlobal operates on the profound principle of system-dependent businesses, where the system propels the enterprise while people manage it. Malcolm’s revelation was simple yet revolutionary: he wasn’t alone in the battle for consistency. Thus, he embarked on a mission to create the world’s first enterprise application software, meticulously designed by business coaches for business coaches. This software embodies the zenith of coaching systems, offering step-by-step strategies, each endowed with a tangible value. It provides business owners and coaches with a roadmap, guiding them toward success.

Throughout our enlightening conversation, Malcolm shared several pearls of wisdom:

1.Overcomers are the unsung heroes, growing stronger with each setback.

2.When faced with the uncontrollable, let go; when change is possible, seize it. Keep moving forward, learning, and improving.

3.Never judge another, for everyone bears battles unseen.

4.The path of entrepreneurship is challenging, yet worth every step.

5.Marketing is the lifeblood of success; stand out, don’t blend in.

6.Time is our most precious resource; use it wisely on your journey to success.

Join us in this transformative episode as we embark on a journey to unleash your financial potential.  

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[Timeline Highlights:]

01:25 – 02:36: Malcolm’s Remarkable Journey

02:37 – 04:23: Malcolm’s Path in Business Coaching

04:24 – 07:46: The Birth of ProGlobal

07:47 – 10:24: The Evolution of ProGlobal

13:37 – 14:43: Malcolm’s Unshakable Faith

14:44 – 19:57: From Lost to Found, Without Judgment

19:58 – 25:27: ProGlobal’s System-Dependent Strategy

25:28 – 32:33: The Power of Marketing

32:34 – 34:22: No-Cost Strategies for Business Growth

34:33 – 40:10: The World’s Only Enterprise Application Software

40:11 – 42:16: Who Should Join ProGlobal

42:17 – 45:43: Malcolm’s Secrets to Staying Fired Up and On Track”

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