Success is a journey that begins with aligning your passion and mental focus, driven by dedicated effort. Wholehearted investment in your aspirations not only heightens the likelihood of achievement but also carves a path that brings you halfway closer to realizing your desired goals.

In this empowering episode, join Kevin “Bubbles” Gregory, a humble world DEKA champion, as he shares the story of his humble beginnings in attaining his championship title. Kevin emphasizes that achieving the desired championship took years of unwavering dedication and hard work.

Kevin’s journey unfolds with an eagerness to be coached by those with extensive experience, seeking advice to minimize mistakes and accelerate his progress. As an athlete, he sought accountability in his career, not just showing up but infusing purposeful fun into his endeavors—from joining OCR in 2011 to discovering DEKA and ultimately becoming the champion.

In a riveting moment during a 2022 competition, Kevin faced unexpected discomfort with the footstrap of a machine. It became a valuable lesson—he could only control his reaction and mind, recognizing the limits with the machine’s strap.

Kevin’s commitment extends to studying and observing exceptional performances in competitions, aiming to surpass records in his training. He underscores the importance of performing reps perfectly, transforming excellence into a norm in both mind and movement patterns.

Beyond physical prowess, Kevin possesses a formidable mental presence. Delving into the science of performance improvement, he combines strength, mindfulness, and scientific principles to achieve his goals and inspire those eager to learn from him.

In the spirit of giving back, Kevin’s goal for the year is to share ideas, tips, and strategies with beginners, aspiring to create more teams in his gym. He emphasizes the effectiveness of learning, doing the work, and repeating the process.

Key Points Discussed:

  1. You can only control what is within your control.
  2. Showcase possibilities in challenging situations.
  3. Begin with lighter weights, focusing on perfect reps to establish excellence as the norm.
  4. If suffering can be minimized in a shorter time, avoid enduring it for an extended period.
  5. Effectiveness and efficiency in your actions come from knowing what you’re doing.

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Timestamp Highlights:

1:54 – 5:49: Kevin’s beginnings.

10:45 – 15:52: Kevin shares how he came across DEKA.

42:01 – 45:39: Kevin becomes an affiliate in DEKA and starts training immediately upon acquiring the machines.

46:32 – 49:08: Kevin shares how he achieved a 15-second bike time.

1:06:16 – 1:09:34: Kevin reveals critical steps in becoming a champion.

1:15:08 – 1:18:20: Kevin outlines goals for this year in his gym.

Embark on this inspiring journey with Kevin “Bubbles” Gregory and discover the transformative power of dedication, resilience, and a positive mindset.

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