This week’s episode is not a usual episode, as it tells the story of Tennyson Jacobson and her husband Kyle, who experienced a break-in on Mother’s Day 2013. Despite the traumatic experience, Tennyson shares how she managed to heal physically, mentally, and emotionally and continue living her life. Her husband’s presence that night, who is a firefighter usually at work for two days straight, was crucial in averting potential tragedy.
For Tennyson, being an overcomer is having courage. It means facing everyday situations that are uncomfortable, doing things that are challenging, and pushing yourself beyond your limits. She also learned the importance of intuition, believing in your gut feeling, and trusting yourself.
This episode is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the power of intuition. We hope that it will inspire you to be courageous and trust your intuition, no matter what challenges you face in life.
Listen to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn more about Tennyson Jacobson’s story of overcoming PTSD and pursuing a normal and happy life after the worst night she ever encountered.
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01:16 – 15:44
Tennyson shares what happened on Mother’s Day 2013, how the intruder returned at night, and how it came down to his life or theirs..
15:49 – 17:15
Tennyson shares that she was technically arrested for murder.
17:57 – 19:19
Tennyson shares that the man’s intention in returning to her house at night was to do something horrible.
22:40 – 28:39
Tennyson shares what it was like for her and her husband after that fearful night.

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