This week’s episode is an interview with Chad Hackman. Growing up, Chad used to race BMX bicycles with his brother. He liked it because it was an independent sport. During high school, he participated in sports because he was surrounded by his friends. In senior high school, he wanted to focus on himself and how he could improve himself and do something unique from everybody else.

He went through the whole process of researching and self-educating on how to change the body, how to get stronger so that he could help people clear up the confusion because there are things you read online that sometimes contradict things you read in the past. That’s what got him into the fitness industry and made him want to become a personal trainer. He started his business in his parents’ garage and eventually expanded in the midst of the pandemic.

Opening during the pandemic was really hard because people were nervous and afraid since the media claimed that gyms were the worst place to go. But Chad thinks it will just take time.

He wanted to maximize the potential of what the gym is designed to do. He said that gyms offer a space to workout/exercise but no other service solutions to show how to use that space. That’s why many people join the gym and end up cancelling or falling off the wagon and aren’t successful in their health and fitness goals because they don’t feel supported, they’re not encouraged, and they don’t know what in the world they’re doing. He desired to create a place where people feel surrounded by like-minded individuals who all wanted to ultimately become the best possible version of themselves and help everyone around them do the exact same thing.

Now, Chad offers various services in his gym, and he is excited that he can do all the things at the same time, such as small groups, large groups, one-on-one personal training, yoga, and Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST).

He has definitely had success with his business, Evolution Barbell, in Pennsylvania, even though he started it in the midst of a pandemic when the world was afraid to go to the gym!

Thank you for listening, and we hope you find this episode as inspiring and informative as we did.

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