This week on Overcomer’s Podcast a person who got furlough for work shared his story on how he became a successful podcaster.

Ben Albert spent most of his life under-achieving to avoid bullies because of his height. Then learning, curiosity, and a growth mindset came to his life, he started to care about community. As he got older, he wanted to connect to people one conversation at a time.

He felt that he had to reach out and learn something from the time he got furlough for work, that’s when he started doing podcasts. Since he is not “famous”, he started from scratch. He had to niche down because podcasting is a noisy place to be. He reached out to business owners to be featured in his podcast from Suny Brockport State University, those who are alumni business owners, where he graduated from. His vision is to highlight Rochester businesses and so he built a Rochester podcast.

He explained that many are doing podcasts to monetize it and want to monetize quickly, which he said that it’s tremendously difficult. Podcast for him is a marketing center, it’s a prospecting tool. He made money from the podcast but on the backend of it, by providing marketing services to B2B professionals in his area. He uses his podcast for content, for promotion, for networking, for learning, but not monetizing it.

Ben said that people are getting sick and exhausted of all the sales and marketing messages. That traditional approach works better than ever nowadays. What we lack these days are human-to-human conversation, human connection. He suggested sending a personal message on those people you see in social media or in your email, because we all need it, human interaction.

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Important things discussed:

  1. Niche down. Overcome the ocean of sameness.

  2. Make adversity your advantage. Learn and overcome it.

  3. No one can ever replace you. Not everyone reads what you read, knows what you know. You have something to offer that no one in the world can offer. That’s the unique thing about you.

  4. Message someone, even one person a day. It can make a big impact!

  5. Business context (They might want to buy from you but forgot about you.)

  6. You never know how important the timing of your message might be. It could save someone’s life.

Listen to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn more about Ben Albert, furlough for work and then decided to make the most from it and started a podcast and LinkedIn and was able to replace his income as a sales executive. If you wish to connect with Ben Albert visit:





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