This week’s episode of the podcast we will learn a lot about pregnancy. Erin Saba, fitness coach and co-owner of Ohana Fitness and Wellness and in the fitness industry for over 12 years. She had gone through 3 pregnancies with 3 different ways of giving birth!

Erin founded a program for women to exercise safely throughout their pregnancy and even eat nutritious foods that still taste good that are good for the mother and the baby.

When Erin had her first pregnancy, she was researching a lot on what are the dos and don’ts in pregnancy. Because of that she thought that people should have all that she researched in one spot rather than doing what she did. Her first trimester she barely changes anything at all in her exercises and routine. But she also said that pregnant women need a doctor’s recommendation also and to be mindful of the body, to listen to it when doing anything. 

Workout is so beneficial according to Erin. She experienced a better recovery even after 3 different ways of giving birth (including c-section). She felt stronger and easier each time. It also helps with her mental health. She added that workout helps in the delivery room as well and there are a lot of benefits in keeping active even during pregnancy. 

Weight gain is inevitable, but Erin emphasizes that weight gain must be consistent, not to have an abrupt weight gain in pregnancy because it can affect the mother’s health and possibly the baby’s also.

Erin shared her struggle in diastasis and how to avoid it so that other pregnant women will not go through that. Anything that causes doming or coning of the abdomen you have to stay away from it as much as you can. 

The following important points were discussed:

  1. Moving your body makes a difference.
  2. Workout is 100% beneficial even when you’re pregnant and can help recover fast after giving birth.
  3. Be mindful of the way your body feels when moving on certain movements. 
  4. Know proper techniques and breathing in doing workouts.
  5. Community and support one-on-one is a game changer especially for pregnant women.

Listen to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn how to stay healthy or even become your healthiest in your pregnancy journey with Coach Erin R Saba.

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1:33 – 2:29

Erin shared how she developed her program for pregnant women.

4:54 – 5:45

Erin shared how beneficial workout is during pregnancy and after giving birth.

8:33 – 10:34

Erin suggested watching gaining weight as it is inevitable, it must be consistent but must not be abrupt. 

12:58 – 14:56

Erin struggled diastasis and shared how to avoid it.

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