In this week’s episode of Overcomer’s Podcast, we have the privilege of interviewing the author of “Black Resilience”. Black Resilience is the evolution of the Black Lives Matter movement, carrying messages of empowerment and the blueprint for success.

In my interview with Braeden, we talked about his book and how the book addresses racism and the things that he did to overcome that kind of adversity.

He shared how he grew up and have to deal with racism as a student and as an individual.

He also talked about the prolonged impact of racism, which he believes is largely caused by learned helplessness. Learn helplessness is a term used to describe a mental illness that impacts people who have gone through trauma.

Braeden Anderson is an author, attorney, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Anderson wrote BLACK RESILIENCE – the Blueprint for Black Triumph in the Face of Racism, a groundbreaking book that provides a powerful strategy for Black success and empowerment in spite of bias.

To support the mission of BLACK RESILIENCE, Anderson founded the Black Resilience Foundation – a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the empowerment of Black communities and the proliferation of positive ideas about Blackness.

Anderson is also an attorney at Kirkland & Ellis in Washington, D.C., focusing primarily on the representation of financial institutions, investment advisers, public companies, and senior officers in connection with internal investigations. Prior to joining Kirkland, he was an attorney in New York City specializing in securities enforcement and regulatory matters at Sidley Austin LLP (the “Obama” firm). In addition to law practice, Anderson served as an adjunct professor of business law at Monroe College in the Bronx, and as the Chairman of the Corporate Law Section of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association. Anderson also played Division 1 college basketball for the Seton Hall Pirates where he won the Big East Conference Championship while attending law school.

Over the course of his journey, Anderson has overcome a series of socioeconomic and racial barriers, defied expectations, and conquered adversity. Parts of his story have been chronicled by Forbes, Law360, the New York Times, ABA Journal, NBC Sports, USA Today, CBC, ESPN, and others.

Listen to the full episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn more about Braeden, how he overcome racism and how he became an inspiration, especially to the black community.

If you wish to connect with Braeden, visit her website at, find him on Instagram at, Twitter at or email him directly at [email protected]. You can also purchase her book at

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