This week on the Overcomer’s Podcast we are talking with Angela Coté who is an international Franchise Growth Catalyst, the creator of the AC Methodology, Podcast Host, and the founder of the AC Roundtables. She has experience on the franchisor side, as a multi-unit franchisee, and as a field coach.

She grew up in franchising as her dad founded the iconic Canadian Franchise brand M&M Food Markets. Learned a lot while growing up with such a business.

When she got married, she became a full time mom. And that’s when she felt diminished credibility. She felt insecure about the fact of being “just a mom” and did not have credibility.

One of the turning points that hit her is when she realizes that she could hire a career coach to help her sort it out. Spent money that wasn’t sure what the outcome was going to be.

She was told by the coach to go out and ask people she worked with before, including family members and ask them “What do you see as my top 5 skills and traits?” Then everyone was saying that she was good at franchising, so she decided to help people with what she knew.

She started being a Franchise Consultant (Angela Coté Inc.) last 2019 she was alone doing the business and now she already has a team of 9.

Angela suggested to cooperatively support franchisees so that they get more franchisees. Because when your franchisees are happy and align, then they become your biggest ambassadors.


  • Connection with community.
  • Learning the importance of building trust.
  • Who steps up when you step away.
  • Build relationships

Top lessons for success:

  • More done when having fun; Mindset is everything – Angela Coté Inc. core value
  • Trust guts.
  • Putting the blinders on.
  • Know your identity.

Listen to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn more about Angela and the wisdom she has to offer.

If you wish to connect with Angela, visit her website at, find her on LinkedIn at, Instagram at, Facebook at or email her directly at [email protected].

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