Do you ever make bad business decisions? Have you wondered why your business isn’t making the money you thought it would? On today’s Overcomer’s Podcast, we are talking with author, gym owner and business coach, Vince Gabriele who taught himself, through bad business decisions, that having a successful business isn’t just about the money.


Vince found his passion for fitness after acquiring the unwanted nickname “Bounceback Vinny” and trying to find ways to shed some unwanted weight. The “fitness bug” came through those adversities and from reading Muscle & Fitness magazine.


Vince opened his fitness facility, Gabriele Fitness and Performance in 2008. He found it easy at first to make money, but lost control of the reins and ended up running out of money and building up credit card debts. He had never been taught the difference between cash and cash flow or how to market his business. He only knew how to create relationships. He figured out that he needed to become a student and learn the business side to become successful.


Vince has become an expert in the business from years of being in the business, learning everything he can about marketing, and continuing to be a student. He believes that “people struggle in marketing not because of the things that are ever changing, but because of failure to learn the things that never change”.


If you are someone who has struggled with financial decisions and desires to be a continual student like Vince — tune in to this week’s podcast. We also encourage you to attend the Perform Better Summit and catch Vince’s presentation.


Vince’s full interview can be found at iTunes and Spotify. You can connect with Vince by emailing him directly at [email protected] or by finding him online at or You can also check out his Fitness Business University Podcast at

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