On this Overcomers Podcast episode, we have some very special medalists joining us. They have earned one of the most important kinds of medals you can earn. Not a gold medal, not a bronze medal, but the Phoenix medal. These guests have put in the hard work to achieve at least 20 pounds of weight loss at Journey 333. Our guests will share obstacles that might have deterred them from meeting their goals as well as their motivation to get started and tools and resources to keep them coming back for more. Each of them has overcome obstacles and they will give advice on being an Overcomer!


You will hear from different members of Journey 333 from Sayre, PA, Horseheads, NY and Columbia City, IN. You may hear some things that you can identify with like a lack of self-motivation, suffering from chronic and debilitating issues like Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis or diabetes, or even just struggling with the little things like getting in and out of your car or bending over to put on your socks.

There is definitely a common theme in this podcast of being part of a community. Our guest Dana Comstock mentions that she joined during a work challenge with her co-worker and seeing the community at Journey made her want to stay even after the challenge was over. Having the support of the Journey community makes you feel like you don’t have to do it on your own and it keeps you motivated.


Like most people, food can be a huge obstacle for those wanting to lose weight. Curtis Cook shares on the podcast that he’s a foodie and loves BBQ. Food for him is a huge weakness. He says that he will still indulge periodically. You don’t have to give it all up. Everything in moderation is the key. Many of our guests use MyFitness Pal as a resource to journal what they eat and you’ll often hear Travis ask the question, “did you know that people who journal lose twice as much weight”? “If you nibble it, scribble it! If you bite it, write it! If you hog it, log it”! Did you know that eighty percent of weight loss is based on nutrition. If you are battling with losing weight, keep these tips in mind.


Being an Overcomer sometimes takes strength that’s not your own. Andy Wales states that he asks God to help lead him. He says “pray to God and row away from the rocks” or when it comes to overcoming a food addiction he says “pray to God and row away from the carbs.” Our other guests emphasized things like getting out of your comfort zone, changing your mindset and never giving up! If you visit one of the Journey 333 locations, you will see on the wall in large white letters “Never Give Up”! Things like perseverance, putting in the hard work and believing in yourself can be essential to being an Overcomer. Part of the struggle might be just getting started. To quote Zig Ziglar “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great!”


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