We had an incredibly special guest with us on our podcast this week, Jeffrey Case, also known as JC. JC worked for us for awhile, and he now actually owns the Journey Fitness in Horseheads, NY. His journey from where he was to being the fit, successful, business owner that he is today was not a simple one. There are plenty of times his life could have diverged in far worse ways, but instead of going down the wrong path, JC corrected himself and continued down the path that was best for him.


Faith is a major part of JC’s life. It gives him the strength and courage to do what he knows he has to. He started to get connected with his faith at a young age. He actually had a near death experience when he was young. He had floated too far out on a raft and fallen asleep, fell off, and had begun to drown before he was saved. During this he experienced a peace and understanding that he hadn’t before, and he knew what it meant.


This isn’t the whole story, he wasn’t immediately connected deeply to his faith. He was young, and went about his life as a young man would. He played sports, and actually went to college and played football. During this time, he had actually gotten into trouble and was arrested. This was a big turning point in his life where he realized he had to start being around the people that were going to make him better.


He eventually met the woman that would become his wife, who he now has 5 children with, and started working. At this point in his life, he started to gain some serious weight. He had always been in good shape, working out, and lifting. Now he was eating too much fast food, had stress, and wasn’t taking care of himself.


JC got up over 300lbs, and one day one of his old friends came around. His friend was appalled by the state he found JC in, telling JC that he looked “disgusting.” While harsh, it was just what JC needed to hear to change his life. He started working on himself everyday, and eventually lost the weight and started to get back into good shape.


He then met Travis and Cyndy Barnes, and started to work for Journey. He wasn’t hired after his first interview, but they did call him back to get him in there working. The rest, as you can see, is history. JC is now the proud owner of Journey Fitness in Horseheads, and continues to build his community up by helping others achieve their goals. The weight-loss journey that he went through inspires others to go through their own.


JC is an incredibly kind and caring person, and he goes out of his way to make sure his trainers and clients have what they need. Whether it be motivation, encouragement, or honesty to become the best they can be.


We hope you enjoy the interview with JC as much as we did. I’m sure all of you in Horseheads will love to learn a little bit more about your coach! We love ya, JC, talk to you soon!


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