It’s not often that you get to talk to someone who has been involved in fitness for over 4 decades, and it’s not often that you get to meet with a visionary within that industry, but here we are today talking to one…Greg Justice is a legend within the fitness industry, and we had the honor of interviewing him.


Where to even start! Greg has been in the fitness industry for over 40 years, and where he started his journey is not where it has ended. Back when he started there wasn’t much on fitness, the research hadn’t been done yet, and there were a lot of fads. You had some body builders, and you had people running, etc. No one was doing general fitness, though.


Greg had gotten his dream job managing a gym, and was promptly fired from his job when the owner sold it. He used this as an opportunity to go back to school and finish his Master’s Degree, and was actually given his job back to him upon completion, but on one condition, that the owner allow him to start a “personal training” business at that gym. Now, this was something that is common now, but was unheard of back in the 80’s. Not only that, but Greg was doing an early version of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), to help people lose weight and get into shape. He knew back then what we know now, that it’s the most effective way to lose weight and get into shape. Truly a visionary moment.


Now, I could go on, but I’d ruin the interview for you, so let me just say that Greg has been on an incredible path through the fitness industry. He is the founder of AYC Health and Fitness, and is helping clients achieve their fitness goals to this day, 4 whole decades later. We talk about the old days, the new days, what people need to know in health, where Greg is going from here, his new projects, and so much more.


I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as we did! Can’t wait to talk to you again, Greg!

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