There is a coach whose narrative transcends the typical bounds of athleticism in the dynamic world of coaching, where physical prowess and power frequently take center stage. Chad Cannon, an entrepreneur, expert professional athlete, fitness coach, and life coach who owns Cannon Fit in Bluffton, South Carolina, was a star athlete in middle school. His main sport was track and field, and he played basketball as well. During the pandemic, when his business physically closed but continued online, he focused heavily on his fitness, engaging in online training and contemplating a return to masters track and field.

Within the sports industry, coaches are highly regarded for their physical attributes, strategic thinking, and capacity to motivate athletes to reach their full potential. But in this world of power and speed, there is a coach whose life story exemplifies a distinct form of resilience—one derived not only from triumphs but also from the constant battle against physical hardship. Chad Cannon played basketball with his son every night during the pandemic, and suddenly he experienced knee pain. The next morning, he couldn’t walk. Two months passed before he sought medical attention, and despite attempting to resume his activities as a trainer, his knee continued to hurt. Eventually diagnosed with a meniscus injury, he attempted to work out the day after surgery, only to develop a frozen shoulder. This marked the beginning of a series of surgeries and physical therapy sessions due to an unusually high amount of scar tissue.

His journey represents how the human spirit can overcome adversity. He is an example to everyone because of his unshakable determination, bravery, and refusal to let his knee issue define him. He has not only overcome physical obstacles but also turned them into chances for personal development and empowerment, thanks to his bravery and tenacity.

The following important points were discussed:

  • His mindset of striving to be the best he can be.
  • Adapting his training methods as a trainer unable to demonstrate physically.
  • Finding inspiration from individuals like himself.
  • Goals for impactful coaching in 2023.
  • Transition to life coaching in 2023.
  • Components of fitness training and coaching.
  • Excitement about deeper connections with people.
  • 2024 strategic planning workshop.


1:26-2:34: Journey from middle school.

3:07-15:01: Dealing with scar tissue.

15:02-17:50: Restoring range of motion and proactive mindset.

17:58-20:40: Finding inspiration.

20:48-23:16: Transition to life coaching.

24:19-26:30: Components of fitness training and coaching.

26:59-28:40: Excitement about deeper connections.

29:44-31:00: 2024 strategic planning workshop.

Connect with Chad:

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