In a world where second chances can be rare, Dan Uyemura has not only embraced an opportunity for redemption but has also harnessed the power of software to carve out a unique and inspiring path. Dan Uyemura, a software expert, recently featured on the Future Fitness podcast, is a passionate advocate for gym owners, helping them leverage technology. He faced job loss, was diagnosed with ADHD, and struggled with obsessive-compulsive tendencies. At one point, he was introduced to drugs promising productivity and focus, but these substances eventually led him to a deteriorating state.

He was on the verge of being jailed in California State Penitentiary, where murderers are sentenced for 21 years, but fortunately, he got a judge who worked with him and gave him a chance. His parents worked to bail him out, but he realized he wouldn’t learn his lesson if they immediately bailed him out.

An entrepreneur at heart, Dan always found ways to earn money, from doing paper routes as a college student to exploring programming during the internet’s rise. His first tech job involved building web pages for local companies, leading him to become a programmer for traditional companies. Dan fell in love with CrossFit methodology and the gym environment, inspiring him to open his own gym and create his own software.

Catch up for an insightful and thought-provoking conversation as we unravel the story of a CEO in the software industry who defied expectations and emerged triumphant against all odds. Key points discussed include Dan’s proactive nature, taking over an online community centered around nightclubs, recognizing everyone’s superpower in their weaknesses, and the challenges and future of the fitness industry.


  • 3:52-4:51: Dan shared his software journey.
  • 4:55-6:10: Dan discussed his first significant tech jobs.
  • 9:30-10:40: Dan talked about recognizing the need for software for gym owners.
  • 11:50-13:35: Dan shared his main points in deciding to create his own software.
  • 16:20-18:19: Dan discussed his life’s greatest challenge.
  • 26:30-28:17: Dan talked about the edge of the push press among other softwares.
  • 35:15-39:30: Dan shared his thoughts on the future of the fitness industry.

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