Storytelling is a captivating art form that serves as a powerful tool for connecting and communicating. In essence, storytelling is the skill of narrating tales, using language, emotions, and creativity to entertain, inform, or evoke specific reactions from listeners.

Margot Brett Leitman Curry, a storyteller, began her journey with Stand Up Comedy in New York City for six years and was heavily involved in theater during college. She transitioned to telling a single true story as her entire set. Later, she took on a new role teaching pitching and selling in university. Winning a storytelling contest on one-story connections in a variety show marked the beginning of her storytelling victories. In another contest focused on good food narratives, her co-storyteller shared a similar story but chose to use a previously “terrible” narrative that had gone viral, securing her a win.

Margot believes that storytelling is crucial in presentations, emphasizing that people connect more with stories than facts. She shared anecdotes on managing audiences, including Steve Jobs’ backpocket story during the iPhone launch, where a technical malfunction occurred. Instead of leaving the stage, Jobs engaged the audience with a funny story from his youth, resolving the technical issue seamlessly.

The art of storytelling spans various genres and mediums, such as interactive media, novels, podcasts, movies, and traditional oral storytelling. Margot stresses the importance of considering the audience’s mood and ensuring the story is true, creating relatability. Her foundational principle in storytelling is, “You may not be the most special in the world, but you can be relatable to your audience. Have them connect with you and see themselves through your story.”

Key Points Discussed:

  1. Point of entry: A specific point where you find yourself in the story.
  2. Avoid memorizing scripts word for word; instead, use bullet points.
  3. “Put yourself at the center of the story, make yourself the star, keep it short, make sure it has a clear ending” – Margot’s beginner’s guide to storytelling.
  4. To start and grow your own community, initiate storytelling.

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Timestamp Highlights:


Leitman shared her story with stand up comedy.

2:40- 3:26

Leitman shared about the importance of storytelling.

5:24- 6:45

Leitman shared about Steve Job’s backpocket story.

17:00- 19:00 

Leitman shared about the universal themes.

19:00- 21:00

Leitman suggested “ a good storytelling is giving multiple points of entry”.

21:00- 24:30

Leitman gave some tips to those who want to be a good storyteller.

24:57- 29:14 

Leitman shared about the good elements of the story.


Leitman shared the last tips for storytellers. 


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