In essence, Eric Malzone’s insights serve as a valuable guide for those seeking not only a fit and healthy lifestyle but also a prolonged and fulfilling journey. The fundamentals of sleep, community, and business acumen, as outlined by Eric, offer a blueprint for enhancing various aspects of our lives.

There are things that we tend to overlook; however, in reality, they are what we should focus on, rather than constantly chasing ‘new things.’ Despite all that is happening around us, we should always remain grounded, understand our foundation, and remember why we exist in the first place.

A lot of technologies exist now that can enhance our way of living and improve our health. Eric testifies to that and shares his personal experience with some of these technologies.

Eric, a native of Northern California, has a deep passion for fitness and sports. After a decade in corporate America, he founded CrossFit Pacific Coast in 2008, successfully selling it in 2017 before moving to Montana. As the host of the Future of Fitness podcast, a top-rated B2B show for over three years, Eric shares his insights. He has interviewed many executives, entrepreneurs, health science experts, and anyone fitting into the categories of technology and thought leadership advancement.

Eric shared his experience with the mattress cover they use, designed to improve sleep and notify either you or a third person if you’re unwell or in need of assistance. He also discussed other wearable technologies, software, and platforms for promoting longevity.

In the upcoming year, Eric aims to concentrate specifically on women’s health and physiology. He has observed that research in the fitness industry tends to predominantly center around men.

Despite all the technologies Eric mentioned, he believes in prioritizing good basic fundamentals, which he considers more crucial than anything else in business. Emphasizing basic fundamentals, retention, and tasks unique to coaches is key.

The following important points were discussed:

  • Sleep has a cascading effect that positively influences both mental and physiological aspects and health in general.
  • We could live longer if we do things right.
  • A good and strong community with people is so healthy rather than being isolated.
  • Fundamentals remain key to business success.

The following important points were discussed: 

  1. Big changes often stem from life’s lowest points.
  2. What would you dare to dream if failure wasn’t an option?
  3. Be a sponge for knowledge but choose the right insights from experienced people.
  4. Embrace mistakes as part of the learning process on your journey to success.
  5. The formula for mastery: Effort x Improving Process + Qualified Coach.


  • 3:38 – 6:38: Eric shared how he got into the fitness industry.
  • 11:21 – 13:42: Products that Eric is excited about.
  • 13:42 – 15:22: Effects of sleep and Eric sharing about sleep technology.
  • 19:25 – 21:53: Eric talks about longevity, how to achieve it.
  • 27:25 – 30:25: Should have been in the gym before opening it.
  • 39:48 – 40:48: Importance of basic fundamentals in any business.

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