Have you ever faced a moment where you thought, ‘This seems promising, but the potential for failure feels too daunting…’? Life presents us with daily decisions; seize opportunities, embrace risks, grow from failures, or celebrate triumphs when they come your way!

Jamison Reeves, a serial entrepreneur, was profoundly influenced by his late father. It was Jamison’s father who instilled in him the principle of never accepting “NO” as an answer when it came to achieving one’s goals. He taught Jamison to continually seek new wellsprings of motivation when the usual drive falters. By refusing to give up easily, his father achieved remarkable success in his lifetime, serving as a powerful example for Jamison.

Jamison encountered a significant opportunity when he was offered a business that had been operating for 25 years. Upon acquiring it, he managed to triple its profits, turning the venture into a thriving enterprise.

Another opportunity arose when people approached Jamison, inquiring about his weight loss journey and seeking his guidance for their own weight goals. Initially, he provided guidance for free until someone suggested he start charging for his services. Through word of mouth, his client base expanded, and he now coaches clients from various locations across the U.S. He remains dedicated to ensuring his clients achieve daily improvements, striving for a 1% progress each day.

Jamison’s success story extends across multiple businesses. Recently, he acquired another property, attributing all of his achievements to the invaluable lessons his father taught him from a young age—emphasizing the significance of taking risks and working diligently to attain one’s aspirations. His father encouraged him not to settle for a ‘stable’ job but to actively explore side hustles.

Important Points Discussed

  • Taking Massive Action: When taking action, go all out; don’t just make 5 calls, make a thousand.
  • Embracing Risks: Seize every opportunity that comes your way; take risks in every endeavor.
  • Persistence Pays Off: By taking chances in various opportunities, one of them is bound to succeed.
  • Continuous Improvement: Strive to be 1% better each day.

Tune in to this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast and gain insights into entrepreneurship and the courage it takes to seize every opportunity that knocks on your door.

Connect with Jamison Reeves

Website:Orion Focus Consulting

Facebook: Orion Focus Consulting

Email:  [email protected].

Episode Timestamp:

4:12 – 5:18: Jamison shared his experiences after the passing of his father, his greatest influence.

5:30 – 7:48: Jamison’s father sought his help to manage the family business.

12:10 – 14:49: How Jamison embarked on his entrepreneurial journey.

20:07 – 26:55: Jamison discussed the inception of his startup, Orion.

27:19 – 29:37: How Jamison maintains daily communication with his clients across different states in the USA.


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