Do you have any pain in your body and are interested in what to do to just get out of the pain quickly? What if you could be on a program that is both a fitness program and doctor-supervised?

Together with his wife Sarah, our guest is the co-founder of Functional Effect located at Downers Grove, Illinois. Not only did Dr. Tyler Reynolds obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic from the National University of Health Science, he  also completed over 250+ hours of post-graduate studies in Functional Rehabilitation with specialties in shoulder dysfunction and The McKenzie Method.

Coming from a medical family, Dr. Tyler already knew that it’s gonna be it for him too. He enjoys sports and working out, and thought that he could help people in this way. He started in the fitness industry with clients that have both cognitive and physical limitations. He has a strong desire to help people achieve optimal health and wellness. His number one goal is to eliminate pain and maximize function in each person he works with.

As parents of two beautiful children, Dr. Tyler takes care of running the business, treating the patients, and training the clients. On the other hand, his wife does more of the nutrition and life-coaching using her years of experience in the fitness industry and degree in Psychology to effectively guide and connect to their clients. Also helping him understand people a lot more.

Their approach is different from other fitness businesses in such a way that they have developed a system and a process to create a customized program that produces customized results for each of their clients. They believe that everyone moves and lives differently including different goals as to why they want to work with someone like the Functional Effect.

Functional Effect was born with the aspiration to have a functional-effective gym that first gets people out of pain, then to moving really well, and get them to do so much more in a pain-free life and live the way they ultimately desire.

Dr. Tyler shared that he is more of “the pain guy” as his goal is about getting someone to his office, treating their chronic pain and movement issues, then get them back on the floor in training and fix the rest as well. He wants to get his patients out of pain but he knows that they are still in dysfunction.

So to move from pain to dysfunction and to function, he needed to train them in the actual fit/gym-side and get them so far away from pain that even if they get back to dysfunction, it would take a lot of work to get them back to pain. In short, they wanted to discover the dysfunction– the “why” that puts a person in pain in the first place and then fix it through their fitness programming which specializes on people that are in pain and have movement issues, helping them “see the light.”

Dr. Tyler, along with the whole Functional Effect team, wanted it to be a family and a community with a very friendly and supportive environment where everyone knows each other’s name. Basically, a business model that is very much about relationships.

Important points that were discussed:

  1. Functional Effect offers a holistic approach to fitness.
  2. Collaboration is important in fitness programming coaches.
  3. It’s not just about the weight number, there’s a lot more to it than that.
  4. Having a routine that the tighter you can create it, the better, creates recovery and then within that routine, is having a personal time that is for you only (the emotional, psychological, spiritual side) ‘cause what happens in the mind, dictates everything else. Better yourself by getting your mind right and clearing it by deloading the stress.
  5. The more accountability and the more times you are in your session, the better you’re gonna be.
  6. Humans are not built to do life on our own, we need community. Sometimes, it’s not just about the perfect answers– it’s about listening, connecting and understanding, trying to incorporate fitness into that.
  7. Dr. Tyler believes that it takes Family, Friends, and Faith to be an Overcomer.

Don’t miss this episode of the Overcomer’s Podcast to learn about “Functional Effect” where you can experience a fitness journey that’s not only transformative, but also empowers you to live the life you desire.

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Episode Timestamp: 

02:17 – 03:01

Talk about the dynamics of Tyler and his wife, Sarah as co-founders of Functional Effect.

03:02 – 05:38

Tyler explains about what makes Functional Effect different.

05:39 – 07:31

Tyler on him not being a traditional chiropractor.

07:32 – 09:30

Functional Effect demographic and Tyler’s kind of treatment.

09:31 – 10:51

Reason behind the name “Functional Effect.”

10:52 – 13:52

Tyler talked about the various services they offer, especially his wife’s role and journey on life-coaching.

13:53 – 20:13

Functional Effect’s holistic approach to fitness and wellness.

20:14 – 24:53

Tyler’s thoughts on recovery and Functional Effect’s schedule arrangement.

24:54 – 29:00

Tyler and his team’s vision for Functional Effect and how he sees it as a “calling/ministry.”

37:05 – 39:30

Functional Effect’s secret sauce to success.

39:31 – 41:37

Tyler shares what it takes to be an Overcomer.

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