We tend to pause in our daily lives when something unpleasant or catastrophic is going on. It’s easy to say, “Life must go on” when someone experiences the loss of a loved one, but in all honesty, it’s really not. However, Dan overcame it and still gave his best in his career despite multiple losses of friends and family, including his wife, in just a couple of years.

Dan John, an All-American discus thrower, Olympian in lifting and Highland Games, holds the American Weight Pentathlon record. He gives global workshops, writes books, hosts The Dan John Podcast, and coaches clients, including athletes and military personnel. His expertise impacts fitness and sports communities worldwide.

Dan exhibited remarkable resilience in the face of multiple losses. He shared his expertise in fitness and how he navigates through the challenges of daily life. Known for his ability to simplify complex matters, he became an inspiring figure for many.

Going for a walk, maintaining mobility, getting a good night’s sleep, consuming vegetables and proteins, and staying hydrated are Dan’s top advice for people in general. These simple yet essential habits contribute to overall well-being and an improved quality of life.

Dan’s tip for recovery for people who are training or in the gym:

  • Sauna
  • The downside of an ice bath is that people tend to eat 40% more calories.
  • Off days (days when you’re not going to train)
  • Thursday tonic (Thursdays because Saturdays are usually competition days)
  • Spend off days moving and pumping joints, stretching wrists and fingers.
  • Sleeping meditation
  • Sleep in a cool, dark room with fresh air.
  • If you are not getting good sleep, do not exercise excessively.

The following important points were discussed:

  • Resilience is about becoming strong and flexible.
  • “I can’t help you, but I can listen and be there for you.”
  • Walk with someone who is struggling and hope for the best.


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Timestamps and highlights from the episode:

  • 6:11 – 9:50: Dan talks about “fit” as a jigsaw puzzle, how it fits with other pieces.
  • 18:03 – 34:28: Dan provides recommended tips for recovery.
  • 38:29 – 43:55: Dan’s top tip for using resilience to get through challenges.
  • 47:47 – 50:00: Dan recommends having a “good” community around and seeing a therapist.

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